Friday, January 4, 2013

Healthy is expensive?

Healthy is expensive and requires a lot of effort to make it happen. Such a sentence would often we hear as describing that to remain healthy and fit is very difficult. Its not exactly true because it is expensive if you get sick sick because we have to spend a lot of money for treatment. Healthy is not something that is difficult to obtain.

Indeed, there are many factors that can determine a person's level of health.
If you are someone that lazy move that will lead you to the path that can damage health. When we eat good carb, protein, fat, and various other minerals absorbed by the body after going into calories / energy. This energy is to be used in the form of activity otherwise it will accumulate and potentially become fat that can lead to obesity.

Selective in choosing food that is important also try to consume organic fruits and vegetables because the body needs not only carbohydrates, protein, and fat alone but minerals, vitamins, and supporting substances such as calcium, iron, etc.. Keep in mind to eat healthy is not just based on the type and is a danger but sources of raw materials and manufacturing processes is critical, as well as drinking water should really be considered quality.

Food is like fuel in a car, if the quality of the fuel is good then  machine will work more optimally. So also with the man, the food we eat not only contains the energy source that we need, but sometimes also contain substances that are not good for health such as bacteria and harmful chemical substances.